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Silent Witness is a 501(c)(3) non-profit program created to give

citizens the opportunity to assist law enforcement in solving felony crimes.  Citizens remain anonymous and cash rewards up to $1,000 are paid when information leads to an arrest or indictment.


While Silent Witness works in close partnership with the Phoenix Police department, it is a separate community-based organization established specifically to raise, manage and approve the funds used for cash rewards.  In fact, Silent Witness relies entirely on private donations and grants -- there are no tax dollars involved.


Silent Witness is one of the most successful, longest running community programs in the Valley.  But we'll let you be the judge. Locally, since 1979, Silent Witness has arrested over 7,200 felony arrests, solved 11,632 felony crimes, and paid over $2,223,531 to the community in rewards.  While these stats are impressive, they continue to improve every year.

We need your help to continue the important efforts of the Silent Witness program.  Find out how you can get involved.  Or, consider donating to the cause -- no amount is too small.


As a member of Crime Stoppers USA, Silent Witness follows a proven business plan and has the backing of a highly successful, long-standing national and international program.  Worldwide, a crime is solved every 14 minutes thanks to Crime Stoppers programs just like Silent Witness.


Silent Witness relies on a strong partnership between law enforcement, the media and the community.  Without any one of these elements, the program could not be successful.  Learn more about how it works...


Since the foundation of the Silent Witness program is based on the premise that tipsters can remain completely anonymous, detectives receiving the tips are thoroughly trained and all channels used to submit tips are highly secure.  Tipsters are required to take responsibility for following up on the information they provide, and a third party completes the payment to the anonymous recipient.


Criminals do not discriminate when it comes to committing their crimes.  Too often, they hurt the most innocent -- children, the elderly, adults, animals and even the environment. Due to the nature of serious crimes and criminal behavior, anonymous tips are often the only way detectives can obtain information about these crimes.


Silent Witness is so important not only because it helps get violent criminals off the street, but because it also serves the victims of crime and their families.  When cases remain unsolved, victims and their families cannot receive justice or closure.  Additionally, unsolved cases leave criminals on the street with an open door to repeat their crimes.

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